KAM Manufacturing INC. announces end to production of exclusive Stephanie Dawn Handbag Line.

When we started the exclusive Stephanie Dawn Handbag Line in the summer of 2008, we had just been informed that our customer of 25 years was no longer going to use domestic vendors to produce their products. This left us, KAM Manufacturing INC., with a very small timeline to design, produce, market and distribute Stephanie Dawn. This was very challenging when you consider KAM Mfg never had a design or marketing department, we had never sold products in retail or wholesale; in fact, for the first 25 years of business we were a sewing contractor, where customers had a product that they needed manufactured and we produced it. At this time the Great Recession was starting to be felt around the county, it was a very challenging time not only for KAM Mfg but also the entire country.

Our goal for the Stephanie Dawn brand was:
- to produce a high-quality, quilted cotton handbag, luggage and accessory line
- that it is made exclusively in the United States
- to employ as many Americans as we could while producing the line.

It’s been 13 years since that summer of 2008, a lot has changed, KAM Mfg has been producing Stephanie Dawn with skilled, hardworking Americans in Van Wert, Ohio. The Stephanie Dawn brand was instrumental in keeping our manufacturing facility operational, and also allowed us the time and resources that we needed to grow our cut and sew contracting side of the business (what we do best). Without Stephanie Dawn we would not have been able to answer the call at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 to make over 150k isolation gowns and 500k masks.

KAM Mfg is approaching 40 years in business, and with any business that has been around for 40 years, changes are inevitable and this change we are about to announce is bittersweet. Stephanie Dawn accounts for about 3% of our total production volume, the other 97% is made up from our contract cut sew business which services many different commercial/government customers. It is no longer efficient or economically viable for KAM Mfg to continue to produce the Stephanie Dawn Handbag line, we have outgrown the brand. Many amazing loyal customers of Stephanie Dawn may not like to hear this, it is bittersweet. We have announced the bitter now let’s give you the sweet.

Since 2009, KAM Manufacturing INC. has:
- almost doubled its workforce
- wages have gone up over 40%
- added new technology and equipment to keep us competitive
- retained & acquired many different commercial/government customers

Since 1983, KAM Mfg., has been a driving force in the cut & sew manufacturing industry. At the 40,000 sq. ft. facility located in Van Wert, OH, KAM produces high-quality, Made in USA products for a variety of commercial & government clients by a skilled production team of employees. KAM Mfg. is thankful to be a part of our local community, continuing to provide jobs & for manufacturing Made in USA products.

The decision to end the production of the SD brand will not cause us to reduce hours or lay employees off, just the opposite! We are hiring & are continuing to add additional hours to our production system. The demand for our contract cut and sew services are very high and we have positioned ourselves to meet those demands.

We say… “Thank you” to all the Stephanie Dawn customers, without your patronage none of this would be possible. The phrase “buy American products to keep American jobs” is absolutely true, without your support of Stephanie Dawn, KAM Manufacturing INC. would not be in the position it is today.

As a “Thank you” to all the loyal Stephanie Dawn customers, we will be announcing a CLOSEOUT SALE in the very near future of all remaining inventory. There will be no onsite shopping held at the factory for this sale, all shopping will be done online at Find all the latest SD information online at our website, through SD email or on the SD social media pages.

From the Owners,
Kim, Randy & Ollie Adams


(All Sales are FINAL, NO RETURNS during the SD CLOSEOUT SALE.
30%OFF Discount will apply at checkout. Free Shipping on $50 available to select at checkout for qualifying orders.)

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